You Can Treat Acne At Home!

Acne is a very upsetting condition. Individuals are so conscious of their looks and acne does not help in the 'good looks department'. What is even worse is that most sufferers of acne are fairly young - teenagers, in fact - and are not best equipped emotionally to be different from their peers and are particularly not equipped to be spottier than others.

Not that acne is the same as having a couple of spots every now and again, which can happen to you all through your life. Acne is a precise condition, but it does occur usually in teenagers during puberty. Usually, acne disappears when adulthood appears or shortly thereafter.

Many teenagers and their families spend a great sum of money on acne cures, but is there another way of lessening the effects of acne? It certainly is very dubious that it can be 'remedied' like chicken pox. It is rather an 'illness' like a cold or the flu, it has to run its course.

If you have a problem with acne, it is because your body is making more oil than your skin can let escape quickly, so it creates a little 'volcano' and erupts, when the pressure is high enough. Let us take a look at why this happens.

Firstly, you have to wash on a regular basis. Now I am certain that you do that already, but do not be tempted to wash too often. Over washing does not help, because the skin needs some oil on it to remain supple. If you keep sanitizing that 'natural moisturizer' off, your body will only make more to replace it.

Therefore, wash as anyone one else would, but not more frequently and do not use perfumed soap. You might be allergic and you do not need more possibilities to cloud the subject.

Your hair and your hands also bear a certain amount of oil for the same reason, so keep them off your face. Your hair and your hands are oily and dust and pollution stick to them. If they touch your face, you are risking clogging up more pores with oily debris and thus increasing your acne problems.

Tie your hair back if it is long and use a handkerchief if you need to touch your face. Other things that come in regular contact with your face that could be oily and dirty are pillow cases and towels. Therefore, shower before going to bed and use clean pillowcases every night.

As far as towels go, just use your own. Change it each day and if you require a towel outside your home, either carry your own or far better, use paper towels and do not rub, but dab your face dry.

There are specialist lotions you can use to replace soap, but some of them are very harsh, which could trigger an excessive production of oil again. Simply keep in mind that you have to let acne run its course, but you do not have to encourage it either.


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