Some Tips On How To Decide On The Right Robe For You

Contrary to the opinion of some a robe can be much more than just something to cover up with or to wear on the way back and forth from the shower. A robe can be warm and comfortable such as those made of terry cloth or it can be extremely sexy such as in the case of a silk kimono style robe that just makes the viewer wonder what is hiding beneath it. The decision of what kind of robe or robes you will buy depends upon what you want it for; you may want to have many. Some robes are designed strictly for comfort, some are neutral and can be sexy and still be viewed by others and then there are those that are never to be seen except in the bedroom.

It seems that bathrobes are a little more difficult to find these days, especially if you are looking for just a plain one. The best chance in you local area will probably be at one of the larger department stores. First you need to decide on the use for the particular robe you are looking for. If it is to be used for a cover up between trips to the shower or just to keep you warm until you are under the covers then you will probably want one made of a terry cloth material or maybe a synthetic and cotton blend. These are not meant to be sexy, all you are concerned with here is comfort and warmth. Still, you will be able to find these robes in many colors and prints so you are sure to find one that is to your liking.

If what you seek is sexier robe then you will be a little choosier, especially with the choice of fabric. You not only want a fabric that feels good on your skin but also one that feels good to the touch of your significant other. Your choices of fabrics are varied and you may pick from high quality high thread count cotton fabrics or for a much more erotic and sexy feel go with satin or silk. These fabrics not only look sexy but they feel incredibly sensual to the touch for the wearer and the beholder alike. A robe like this can be worn over something a little more revealing or even over nothing at all but it should not be so sheer that one can see through it.


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